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EP 25: Elective Courses: Drop Out or Stick it Out?

Students have to take elective courses. While this decision may sound easy, for some it is one of the hardest decisions to make. Should I take the easy course? How about the challenging one? Should I take a course with my friends? In any case, most of us (if not all) end up at a crossroads. Should I DROP OUT of this course or should I STICK IT OUT? This episode will help you weigh the pros and cons by walking through several scenarios you might face as a student who enrolled in a pesky little elective course. Let's go!

EP 24: Pandemic Planning and Networking for Graduate Students

It's been over a year since the pandemic started. With the changes that we all had to adapt to, graduate students all over the world have sunken into really stressful times. While we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it might be wise to make plans that will relieve our stress and put us in a better place as we head towards finishing our degrees. Dr Tina Persson, the author of The PhD Career Coaching Guide is the guest for this episode. Her solid advice will have you back on the road to success in no time! It's a fun episode, so buckle up and Let's Go!

Ep 21: Friendships vs Career

After some deep thinking, I came to the conclusion that we all go through a period where we start evaluating our friendships. Are they beneficial? Are they adding any value to our lives? You see, when thinking about your growth and professional development, it is important to have core friends around you. They help to lessen the burden and provide good support. However, as we get older, friendships fade and it becomes even harder to make new friends. This episode discusses the topic of friendship and career and has three 'life lesson' points for you to consider. Let's chat!

EP 23: Breaking Free: Reaping the benefits of Inter-Studies

Have you ever considered an interdisciplinary approach to learning? Well, studies show that students who engage in these approaches can actually maximize the reach of their research. In this episode, I speak to Varun Pradhan, a recent graduate of Anant National University in India, who paused law for a bit to add the built environment to his resume. He speaks openly about his experience and reflects on how it has helped him to grow.

EP 20: Combating Social Issues

Students face a number of issues, some academic and some social. These issues usually increase when their families move abroad. Deandrah Cameron a recent graduate of Rutgers University and an MPH candidate at the Rutgers School of Public Health (Health Systems and Policy) shares her story of moving from Jamaica to the USA with her family and facing the social issues she faced. Her story is one of resilience, perseverance, and success. Have a great time listening. (Part 1 of 2)

EP 22: 6 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand

People often struggle with creating a portfolio that will make them stand out. In this digital age, it is even more important to develop a personal brand that will facilitate your success and allow you to compete within your field. In this episode, Caribe Breese, a London-based Digital Marketing Executive, shares her story of success resilience and success. Given her expertise, she leaves 6 SOLID TIPS for everyone to build their personal brand. Grab your pen and paper! 

EP 19: How To Get Into Grad School with a Low GPA

Getting into GRAD SCHOOL is a challenging task for many students. In this episode, Saint Sanj helps students who do not have the most glamourous academic profiles with their Grad School applications. Getting in might be easier than you think. Be CREATIVE! Let's go!

Episodes 13 -18

EP 18: Navigating Issues of Racism and Discrimination

Issues of racism and discrimination have crippled the progress of many black student and student of colour. Recent events in the US have highlighted that racism is a growing problem on many college campuses. On this episode, I talk about my own experiences with racism and discuss with my cohost Shelby Mcphee the ways in which colleges can work towards alleviating the problems these students face. 

EP 17: What's Your Passion?

Sometimes we have this strong urge to do something great, but fear comes in the way. In this episode, Monique from Petit Squares shares how she chased fear away and dived head-on into her passion, MATCHA! The thriving entrepreneur shows how her business will help her to pay off school and gain even more success in the global market. Let's go!

EP 16: 6 Tips For The New Semester

Getting ready for the new school semester can be a nerve-racking task. You might have so much to do and so little time, plus you might not know what is REALLY important on your TO-DO list? Listen as Saint Sanj helps you prepare for the new semester and THRIVE. Subscribe to WISE GRAD at

EP 15: International Opportunities

Everyone wants a BIG opportunity in their career and some of us are eager to grab one overseas. But what’s the first step? Listen as Oluwchi and Monique share their story and some golden tips on landing that international opportunity. Saint Sanj even drops some tinder references and struggles to remain the host of the podcast in this Jamaican Nigerian takeover. Enjoy! Remember to head to and subscribe to the new YouTube channel

EP 14: Teaching Abroad to Pay Off Loans

Some students end up racking up a lot of debt while engaging their degree program. While many can easily repay loans and gain financial freedom, some are stuck and are limited in their options. In recent years, many qualified students have taught English as a foreign language in Japan, Korea and China just to name a few. On this episode, I interview Olivia, a talented Jamaican living in Japan who managed to not only get student loans off her back but also enhanced her career while living in Japan. Have a listen!

EP 13: Dear Class of 2020

Cheers to the Class of 2020. The class that overcame the impossible! Your sleepless nights, stressful days and assignments filled weekends are over. This episode of Wise Grad not only celebrates you but will help you to move on to the next big thing. Forget about the worries and strife and have a listen to an episode that will help you THRIVE!

Episodes 7-12

EP 12: International Opportunities

Everyone wants a BIG opportunity in their career and some of us are eager to grab one overseas. But what’s the first step? Listen as Oluwchi and Monique share their story and some golden tips on landing that international opportunity. Saint Sanj even drops some tinder references and struggles to remain the host of the podcast in this Jamaican Nigerian takeover. Enjoy! Remember to head to and subscribe to the new YouTube channel

EP 11: So You Want To Study Abroad?

It's a big step to pack up all your things and head to another country for your studies. It will make some of us worry about the challenges that we might face and nervous about trying to fit in. With research showing many benefits of heading abroad for your college experience, I think it is well worth it. In this episode, I give my humble advice and share a bit about my study abroad experience. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

EP 10: How to Be Productive While Working From Home

Working from home can be quite a challenge, especially if it's your first time. Right now the world is experiencing the pandemic that is the COVID19/Coronavirus and many people have been forced to work from home. However, with these changes, we might be overworked, stressed and just simply unproductive. Hear from Osharie, the career and business guru, as she lays down the tips that helped her for over four years. Let's go!

EP 09: How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Many students would love to be successful entrepreneurs. However, many are hindered by several obstacles. In this episode David Israel, a serial entrepreneur shares his story of success and how a negative experience of incarceration barely scoffed his drive. Listen in, these tips are golden!

EP 08: Coping Abroad

On this episode we will jump right back into our chat with Lanvell and listen as he copes with doing a Masters in Public Health in Wales. From Jamaica to Wales on a Chevening scholarship! I hope it will inspire you! Make sure to check out the fist part of the interview (Episode 7)

EP 07: Is Grad School Worth It?

Is GRAD school worth it? Episode 07 In this episode Saint Sanj interviews Lanvell, a Graduate student in Wales...5000 miles from his hometown in Jamaica! He speaks on his Chevening scholarship and what how engaging a masters program has changed his outlook on many things. Most importantly, we find out if it's even worth doing in the first place. This podcast is for you!

Episodes 1-6

EP 06: Tips for A Successful Thesis Season

Episode 6 is finally here! Episode 6 is the second part of the 2-part series on thesis/dissertation. This episode is packed with tips to help you THRIVE during your thesis season. It’s never fun to navigate this period on your own. Now you have the podcast, listen and be great. Let's Go!

EP 05: Getting Started with Your Thesis

Thesis, Dissertation, Capstone Project, whatever you want to call it, many students are intimidated by the idea of conducting research or designing a big project. In Episode number 5, I will try to calm your nerves and help you get started with what could be the best part of your degree program. Let's go!

EP 04: Organising Your Space

Treat yourself to self-improvement and organisational tips for the new year /new decade from Maryam, curator of @homganize on Instagram and Saint Sanj from @WiseGrad. This episode also has a little holiday vibe! Tis' the season!

Studies show that an organised space can improve your mental health and productivity. As we reflect on the past year and seek to make improvements for 2020, it's easy to place unrealistic goals on yourself. In this episode Mayram provides easy tips that will make your dreams of being organised a reality. 

EP 03: Tips for Living in a Campus Dorm

There are many thing to consider when moving to UNI. This may include your living situation. In this episode I will begin the whole living series and give you tips for your new college life. Already living on a dorm? Tune in now and don't make the mistake that others have made. Enjoy!

EP 02: 6 Signs You SHOULD Change Your Major

WOW! This topic might be a sensitive one for many, but we must speak about it. Some of us are really pursuing the wrong dreams and are currently stuck at a crossroads. Here are some things you should look out for that could signal a need for a MAJOR CHANGE! This episode is co-hosted by Kathy, a graduate student in Norway and former digital ambassador for Study In Sweden.

EP:01 Intro + How to get scholarships

Frustrated by scholarship applications? This episode covers all the basics to help you get that scholarship. I also give a short introduction of the podcast and say my name at least 5 times! Tune in and send questions/stories to