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EP 12  - Tips for Landing an International Opportunity

Everyone wants a BIG opportunity in their career and some of us are eager to grab one overseas. But what’s the first step? Listen as Monique & Oluchi share their story and some golden tips on landing that international opportunity. Saint Sanj even drops some tinder references and struggles to remain the host of the podcast in this Jamaican Nigerian takeover. Enjoy! Tube channel


It's a big step to pack up all your things and head to another country for your studies. It will make some of us worry about the challenges that we might face and nervous about trying to fit in. With research showing many benefits of heading abroad for your college experience, I think it is well worth it. In this episode, I give my humble advice and share a bit about my study abroad experience. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

EP 10 - How to be Productive While Working From Home

Working from home can be quite a challenge, especially if it's your first time. Right now, the world is experiencing the pandemic that is the COVID19/Coronavirus and many people have been forced to work from home. However, with these changes, we might be overworked, stressed and just simply unproductive. Hear from Osharie, the career and business guru, as she lays down the tips that helped her for over four years. Let's go!

EP 09 - How to become a Successful Entrepreneur: Tips from David Israel (Good Planet Foods)

Many students (or anyone for that matter) would love to be successful entrepreneurs. However, some are hindered by BIG obstacles. In this episode, David Israel, a serial entrepreneur, shares his story of success and how a negative experience of incarceration barely scoffed his drive. Listen in, these tips are golden!

EP 08  - Coping Abroad (Is Grad School Worth It? Pt. 2)

On this episode, we will jump right back into our chat with Lanvell and listen as he copes with doing a Masters in Public Health in Wales. From Jamaica to Wales on a Chevening scholarship! I hope it will inspire you! Make sure to check out the first part of the interview (Episode 7)

EP 07 - Is Grad school worth it? (Pt. 1)

Is GRAD school worth it? Episode 07 In this episode Saint Sanj interviews Lanvell, a Graduate student in Wales...5000 miles from his hometown in Jamaica! He talks about his Chevening scholarship and what how engaging a masters program has changed his outlook on many things. Most importantly, we find out if it's even worth doing in the first place. This podcast is for you!

EP 06 - Tips for A Successful Thesis Season

Episode 6 is finally here! Episode 6 is the second part of the 2-part series on thesis/dissertation. This episode is packed with tips to help you THRIVE during your thesis season. It’s never fun to navigate this period on your own. Now you have the podcast, listen and be great. Let's Go!